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Chatroom for the Tribe of Flight:…
Chatroom for the Tribe of Ember:…
Chatroom for the Tribe of Water:…
Chatroom for the Tribe of Earth:…


So, you think you got what it takes to join us huh? You'd better listen to the Rules then!

Okay, so now you know what to do, wait, back straighter kit! Have some respect! Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, Now, there's quite a lot of information to take in, so here's a list of blogs and new fangled things to look at to help you. Honestly what was wrong with the old fashioned voice?

:bulletred:paws-of-the-zodiac.deviantart.… = Powers Explanation:bulletred:
:bulletblue:paws-of-the-zodiac.deviantart.… = Healer Powers Explanation:bulletblue:
:bulletgreen:paws-of-the-zodiac.deviantart.… = Amulets Explanation:bulletgreen:
:bulletyellow:paws-of-the-zodiac.deviantart.… = Ranks Explanation:bulletyellow:
:bulletpurple:paws-of-the-zodiac.deviantart.… = Choosing a zodiac Explanation:bulletpurple:

So, now you know all there is to know, you might want to know how we came about. This is our history and how the zodiacs work:


Right, now for the fun part, signing up!

2. Send a join request to the group, linking your application form on the request.
3. Once you have been accepted, go back to your application form and click the little text on the right side which says "Submit to a group" and then select "Paws-Of-The-Zodiac".
4. Submit your application sheet to the folder of whichever tribe you want to join.
5. That's you done! Now you can start roleplaying!

Members of staff to contact if in doubt are:
:iconcatz4ever:-Leader of the Tribe of Flight
:icondarkblaze3:-Leader of the Tribe of Ember
:iconpoppyleaf:-Leader of the Tribe of Water
:iconxhalfalife101x:-Leader of the Tribe of Earth

All territory in general: Much hotter land than must roleplay groups, where the land is varied from sandy deserts to tropical forests. Cats have adapted to each part of their territory, and some have even evolved this way. The Tribe of Flight being very slim runners, whereas the Tribe of Water are the streamlined, thin furred swimmers.

Tribe of Flight- Up on the rocky grasslands, where the vegetation is sparse and occasionally burnt by the sun in summer. They have to be fast to catch prey here, but the land is flat and obstacle free, which helps. There is a spiny forest just on the edge of one border but it it is very sparse. However, this is where Tribe of Flight makes their camp.

Tribe of Earth- Leading on from the spiny forest in the Tribe of Flight territory, but the forest becomes more lush, more tropical, more grassy, and there is a wider variation of life. Cats that live here must be very quiet to catch their prey amongst all this growth. Most of the tree's that grow here are tall, but some good climbers can get to the very top!

The Tribe of Water-A little of the Tribe of Earth's forest borders their territory, but these cats much prefer to spend their time in all the cool streams and pools. There is a large river that cuts across their territory, to border the land of the Tribe of Ember, which branches out into many other streams and pools which is where these cats fish.

The Tribe of Ember-The river from the Tribe of Water's territory runs along their border but these cats cannot swim so regard this river as nothing but a drinking place. most of their territory is similar to the Tribe of Flights, but instead of being rocky, sandy earth, it is sandy and an inactive volcano is perched on the corner, surrounded by black volcanic sand.


This collection does not have any deviations yet!
So yeah, sorry about the sudden notice but I'm closing my account.

I realize I've let the group go dead anyway and I apologize for this D: If someone wants to keep it alive then please do xD

Anyway, don't know what else to post except for I hope you guys have great lives xD Amazing people all of you *high five*

If someone wants to take over feel free xD

~Catz (Lucia)
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